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Terms of Service

Terms Of Use
The following terms of use apply to website that is managed and operated by Oren Neve Tzedek Real Estate Ltd, (the “Company” and the "Site" respectively).
The use of the Site, its content and the various services operating thereon confirms that you accept these Terms of Use, so please read

them carefully.

The Site Terms of Use apply to the use of the Site and their content via any computer or other communication device (e.g. cellular telephones, all kinds of Personal Digital Assistants etc.). They also apply to the use of the websites, whether via the Internet or any communication network, or other means of communication.
Hereinafter, the terms “Content” or “Contents” include any kind of information, including any verbal, visual, audio, audio-visual or any combination thereof, as well as the designing, processing, editing, distributing and displaying thereof, including (but not only): any picture, photograph, illustration, animation, drawing, image, imaging, sample, clip, sound and music files; any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, data base and interface and any note, sign, symbol or icon.

The Use of the website
You are entitled to use the Content of the Site according to the rules set forth herein. The Content of the Site may not be used otherwise, without the prior, explicit and written permission of The Company and will be subject to the conditions of such consent, if granted:
The content of the Site is meant for personal use only. You may not copy and use, or permit others to use, in any other way, the content on the Site; including on other websites, electronic publications, printed publications etc., for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, which is not for personal and private use.
You may not run or permit the running of any computer application or any other tool, including crawlers, robots and similar software, in order to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve content on the Site. You may not create or use such tools in order to create any compilation, collection or data base containing content from the Site.
You may not display any content from the Site in any visible or invisible frame.
You may not display any contents from the Site in any way – including by the use of any software, device, apparatus or communication protocol – which change their design or remove any Contents there from, in particular advertisements and commercial contents.
You may not link the Site from any website containing pornographic contents, contents which incite racism or discrimination or which are illegal or the publication of which is illegal or incites an illegal activity.
The Site contents which are not posted as the websites' homepage (deep link) may not be linked, posted or published in any other way, unless said deep link links to a the Site page As Is and allows its view in an identical way to the Site. As such the Site' content may not be linked independently from their location on the Site (e.g., you may not create a direct link to a photo or to a graphic file in the Site, but only to the full page in which they are displayed).
Furthermore, the exact URL address of the  Site Internet pages must appear in its usual place, designed for this purpose within the user interface, e.g.: in the status bar of the user’s browser. You may not change, distort or hide this address nor replace it with any other address.
The Company is entitled to instruct you to cancel any such deep link, at its sole discretion. In this case, you shall immediately cancel the deep link and shall make no claim, demand or take any action against the Site in this regard.
The Company shall have no liability for any damage caused as a result of any link to the Site' content and any display or publication of such Contents in any other way. You bear complete and sole responsibility for any link to or display and publication of the content which you created, and undertake to indemnify The Company for any damage caused as a result thereof.

Links on the Site
The Site provides links to various pages on the Internet. Such links may direct you to various contents on the Internet. Some of the contents are not published by The Company or on its behalf and The Company does not control or supervise such contents. The fact that the Site contains links to such contents does not indicate that The Company consents to such contents and does not provide any guarantee of their authenticity, correctness and lawfulness and the practices of the owners of such contents on privacy matters and in any other aspect related to their operation. You may find that such contents do not correspond to your needs or that you object to their content or consider them to be aggravating, annoying, improper, illegal or immoral. The Company is not responsible for the contents to which the links lead and is not responsible for any consequence resulting from your use thereof or reliance thereon.
The Company does not warrant that the links in the Site will function properly and lead you to an active website. The Company may remove links from the Site or refrain from adding new links, at its sole discretion.

Privacy Policy
The Company respects your privacy on the Site. The privacy policy of the Site is published on the Site and constitutes an inseparable part of these Terms of Use. Given that the privacy policy may change from time to time, The Company recommends that you read it periodically.


Intellectual Property
Any copyrights and intellectual property in the Site, in the services offered thereon and in any Content contained therein are the exclusive property of The Company or a third party who authorized The Company to make use thereof. You may not copy, distribute, display in public, perform in public, make available, change, arrange, create derivative works, sell or lease any of the aforesaid, whether by yourself or through or jointly with any third party, by any means or device, whether electronic, mechanical or optic, photographic or recording, or in any other way, without the prior written consent of The Company or the other right-holders, as the case may be and subject to the conditions of such consent (to the extent given). This provision shall also apply to any arrangement, editing or translation made by The Company in relation to any content that you entered in or posted on the websites.
If and to the extent that such consent shall have been given, you shall not remove, delete or distort any intellectual property sign, e.g. the copyright sign © or the trademark sign ®, affixed to the contents you will use.
Trademarks and advertisements of advertisers on the Site are the exclusive property of these advertisers. You may not make any use of any such trademarks and advertisements without the prior written consent of the relevant advertiser.
The Company does not claim title to contents you post on the Site. However, by posting contents on the Site you represent that you hold all the rights in the contents and that you are entitled to post them. If you are not the author or the right-holder of the contents you post, then you represent that you are duly authorized by the right-holder to post the contents on the Site and to grant rights of use as specified below.
By posting contents you grant The Company a free, worldwide and perpetual license to copy, duplicate, distribute, market, make available, arrange, edit, translate and otherwise use such contents, at its discretion.

The Company’s Responsibility
The Contents in the Site are offered for use “As Is”. They cannot be customized to fulfill the needs of each and every user .You shall have no claim, suit or demand against The Company due to the features of the Contents, their capabilities, limitations, compliance with your needs or responses resulting (if any) from the publication of Contents on the Site.
The Company does not guarantee that you will receive responses to contents which you post on the Site
The Company does not undertake that the Site services shall operate without disruption or interruption or be provided regularly, function safely and without error, or be immune to unauthorized access to The Company’s computers or to damage, malfunctions, failures and defects – in hardware, software, communication lines and systems, at The Company or at any of its providers.

You undertake to indemnify The Company, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf, for any damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expense they will incur – including legal fees and trial costs – due to the violation of these Terms of Use. Furthermore, you will indemnify The Company, its employees and managers or anyone on its behalf, for any claim, suit and/or demand made against them by any third party as a result of contents you posted on the Site and of links you created to the Site.

Changes in the Site and Termination of Services
The Company may, from time to time, change the structure, display and design of the Sites and the scope and availability of the services, charge payment for such contents and services at its discretion and change any other aspect related to the Sites – all without any need for prior notification. Such alterations shall be performed, among others things, while taking into account the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technical and other changes which may occur from time to time. By their very nature, such changes may entail malfunctions and/or may initially cause inconvenience, etc. You will have no claim, suit and/or demand against The Company as a result of the execution of such changes and/or of malfunctions deriving from their execution.
Without derogating from the aforesaid, The Company may terminate all or part of these services from time to time. The Company shall give reasonable advance notice on the relevant website regarding termination of the services. Upon termination of the services, The Company shall store the material contained on the Site for an additional reasonable period of time and shall then be permitted to delete it without saving any back-up thereof and with no further notice.

This agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel, without giving effect to any conflicts of law principles.
Any dispute which may arise between the parties, including disputes concerning usage of the Site and/or concerning these Terms of Use, The courts located in the city of Tel Aviv shall have the sole authority to discuss it.

Contact Us
The Company strictly obeys the provisions of the law and respects the right of users of the Site and others to privacy and to a good reputation. If you think that any Content posted on the Site injures you for any reason, please contact us according to the following details and we will make efforts to handle your claim as

soon as possible.


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All of the material on this web site is Copyright © by Oren Neve Tzedek Real Estate. All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced, published, distributed, displayed, performed, copied or stored for public or private use in any information retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any mechanical, photographic or electronic process, including electronically or digitally on the Internet or World Wide Web, or over any network, or local area network, without written permission of the owner "Oren Neve Tzedek Real Estate"


All information regarding a property for sale or rental is from sources deemed reliable. No representation is made as to the accuracy thereof, and such information is subject to errors, change of price, rental, commission, prior sale, lease or financing, or withdrawal without notice. All square footage and dimensions are approximate. Exact dimensions can be obtained by retaining the services of a professional architect or engineer.

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